Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watercolor Lesson 4

Black glue and watercolors!

This week we tried something completed new. 
We drew with black glue and then painted with our watercolors. 

To make the black glue I simply added black acrylic paint to white glue. I have a few tips on this! 1. You can obviously use any color of paint you would like to tint the glue, 2. if you warm the glue slighting in the microwave (10-15 seconds) it makes it easier to mix it by shaking the bottle, 3. use a skewer to stir at the very bottom of glue bottle, 4. it is ok if the glue still appears dark gray when wet- it always dried black, and 5. I used school glue and it worked great. It did dry relatively flat so if you wanted it to stay more beaded up you might try regular white glue.

So, the kids created a simple line drawing on watercolor paper in pencil. Then drew over it with the glue. Once it was all dry (several hours) it was fun to paint inside the "cells" created by the black glue.
We continued to use what we learned in the first few classes about mixing color and using wet on wet vs. wet on dry techniques. 

The results are amazing. I think some of them have a stained glass look. There are so many fun things you could use this for. Happy experimenting!

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