Monday, March 5, 2012

Watercolor Lesson 2

During our second watercolor class we moved forward and built upon what we learned last week by discovering some interesting techniques we can use when we paint.

The objectives for lesson 2 were as follows:

1. learn how to create a texture page using plastic wrap
2. learn how to create a texture page using kosher salt
3. discover the effects of isopropyl alcohol on watercolor paints
4. use blow painting technique
5. begin thinking how these techniques can be used together or separately in a work of art

The first technique we tried out was making a texture using plastic wrap. We added watercolors to our paper using the wet on wet technique and tried to use more saturated color for the most part. After the paint is applied we simply added a crumpled piece of plastic wrap directly on top of the wet paint.

We let them dry while we moved on to our next page. When they were almost dry we removed the plastic wrap to reveal beautiful papers! check these examples out...

Next, we worked with kosher salt. We used the same method of wet on wet with high color saturation and while the paint was still very wet we added salt to areas we wanted to create a textured effect. The salt collects the color toward. Once it is dry it leaves the textured pattern of where it was and sometimes a little sparkle if any salt is left behind.

Next we added drops of isopropyl alcohol to our page of wet color. This is always really fun! Part of being a good artist is knowing when to stop!

I love all the colors used in this one

nice use of mixed colors!

Finally we took our dried gradient page from last week and experimented with some blow painting. All you need is a drop of paint (sometimes adding another drop of water once it is on the page can help) and a straw. You need to blow at an angle to get the paint to move, so bendy straws are good. You should try moving the paper and turning it as you go until you get the desired look. You could use this to add fine lines, create tree branches, etc.

Join us next week as we start our final paintings!

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