Thursday, March 8, 2012

Storybook art - Hungry Caterpillar

Preschool/Kinder Art is BACK!

We started out our first session with a unit on storybook art. Children's books are so beautiful and I love to watch as children themselves adapt the illustrators' techniques into 
fabulous artwork of their own. 

In this class we read the story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. We looked at some of his other books and talked about the artwork. We discussed his compositional style a little and how he creates with collage and painting. 

We got to work glueing some tissue papers onto card stock in orange and yellow to later be used for a sun in our caterpillar paintings

We set the sun papers aside to dry and discovered a whole new way to do printmaking! We used balloons. This was really fun and a great way to start our caterpillar bodies on a piece of large white paper. I first saw this idea here. If I were to teach this class again I would have allowed time to just play around with this new fun technique! Who can't use more printed paper!

Once everything was dry we cut out pieces for our suns and glued them on.

Then we used markers and crayons to add more details to the caterpillar print.

I love how these turned out!

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