Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sonia Delaunay inspired

We looked into the fascinating life and artwork of Sonia Delaunay! She did some really beautiful graphic designs and worked heavily with textiles. She is inspirational as a female artist as well! 
For our Delaunay inspired project we did the following. 

1. We took geometric stencils and sketched a design of overlapping shapes onto card stock and made sure to fill the entire page and have some shapes run off of the edges.

2. We filled in our design with brightly colored markers.

3. We cut the original design into 4 equal pieces and redesign the image by rotating the pieces.

4. Once we were satisfied with our final design we glued it down to a colorful piece of card stock.

Here are the results!!

Jasper Johns Inspired

In this class we explored the work of Jasper Johns again and had a blast creating a mixed media piece. After looking at Johns' work and discussing his layering techniques as well as the concepts of contrast and warm and cool colors we set out to create some papers. 

1. We took a large paper and added papers from newspapers, magazines, and books to make the first layer. Then we painted over this layer in either warm or cool colors. 

2. Once that was dry we came back in with oil pastels and added some depth by rubbing them along the edges of our collage.

3. We did the same process to a smaller paper as in step one, only we used the opposite color scheme. (so if our large/background paper was in cool colors our small/foreground paper was in warm colors)

4. We created a template for lettering or any other symbol we wanted to use. We cut these out to create a stensil and used the stencil on the smaller foreground paper. 

5. Once our symbols were traced onto our foreground paper we cut them out and applied them to our back ground paper.

Here are some of the fantastic results!

Storybook Art - "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More"

We had so much fun in this class of 3-6 year old artists. 

We began by reading the book "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More", a very funny story about a little kid who just can't resist painting his entire body along with everything else in reach! 

Then we began a series of stations that would eventually lead us to create our bodies all painted up!
The stations were as follows:

1. We painted our hands and printed them on white paper.
2. We did marble painting like this on white copy paper that we later drew a shirt or dress on and cut it out to form the main part of our body.
3. We drew our legs and used markers and crayons to create patterns.
4. We drew our face and then did watercolor blow painting (shown here).

At the beginning of the second class when all was dry and cut out we glued our bodies onto big construction paper. Here are the funny and awesome results!