Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watercolor Lesson 3


This week we put the techniques and skills that we have learned so far into a landscape painting.

We used the wet on wet technique to add a ground and sky to our papers.

We added plastic wrap to our landscape to give it texture. We added salt to our sky to add interest and a sort of "starry" effect. Finally, we learned how to lift color to create a moon. To do this we used wooden cylinder blocks covered in paper towel. While the paint is still wet simply place the covered block where you want to lift the color and you have a moon!  It is fun to think of all the different shapes and ways this could be used!

Once the backgrounds were dry we added the details with a wet on dry technique.

 I love how each painting turned out so unique even though we were all following the same basic instructions. My goal is to teach students the information they need to feel confident with a media so that they will explore and be artists rather than simply copy. These turned out beautiful!

We also created pocket books to hold all of our technique cards! For full instructions on how to create this great book that can also be used to display your art go here!

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