Monday, June 25, 2012

Recycled art - Landscapes


In preschool art we did several recycled projects in honor of Earth Day. On this day we used old newspapers and magazines to create a landscape.

We used the newspaper to create grass and a sun. We glued that on and outlined each in sharpie markers. Next we added some crayon details.

We used some washable paints to fill in the sky. These paints are similar to finger paints in consistency and make for a nice wash look in this project.

While our backgrounds were drying we created flowers out of circles cut from old magazines. The kids cut the edges of the circles into petal shapes and layered different sizes of petal circles to create the flowers. We secured the layers together with a brad. Some kids chose to squish the petals to make it look a little mor 3-d. We added the flowers to the background with a bit of hot glue.p

Friday, June 22, 2012

Study of Symmetry - monster prints!

Monster Prints!!

This was really fun. We folded paper in half and opened it again, added a few drops of paint on one side and refolded. This gave us a symmetrical image! We took some time to talk about the definition of symmetry and then used our imaginations to create a monster by adding ink details after the paint was dry! I think these monsters turned out more cute than scary, how about you?

Study of Line -Stamping


Today we made our own line stamps. We used wooden blocks from old stamps and wrapped them in string creating lines. Then we dipped them in paint and stamped and stamped. We had fun rotating through stations using everyone else's stamps too!

Recycled Art- Fish

Recycled Art - Fish

We made some beautiful fish out of recycled water bottles. We covered the bottles with tissue papers using watered down white glue and a brush. We added fins and a tail with construction paper. I would love to see these hanging in a window!

Black Glue and Oil Pastels

Black Glue and Oil Pastels

Another fun use for black glue! We made sketches on white card stock and then outlined them in black glue (regular school glue with black acrylic paint added). When the glue was dry we added color using oil pastels. 

Foil Relief

Foil Relief

This is a fun way to get the look of metal working and a bit of a relief with simple materials and tools.

1. sketch a design onto cardboard
2. outline the sketch in glue
3. add yarn on top of the glue and let it dry

4. cut a piece of foil big enough to cover your foil and wrap around the back
5. crinkle the foil and then flatten it back out a bit
6. add white glue to the back side of the foil and then paint it on in a solid layer with a wet flat brush
7. cover your cardboard with the foil, you can use a pencil eraser, fingers, or cotton swabs to form the foil to your relief. Be careful not to rip the foil, take your time making sure the glue has a chance to stick to the card board. Wrap the extra foil around to the back of the cardboard and secure with tape.
8. mix acrylic paint with a bit of liquid soap to help it stick to the surface of the foil a little better. Paint the mixture on top of your foil giving it a "patina". 
9. Before the paint dries completely, wipe off the highest points of your relief and leave the paint in the nooks and crannies of the design.