Thursday, March 8, 2012

Storybook art - Elmer

We continued our storybook art theme this week with the book "Elmer" by David McKee

We read the book and discussed pattern a bit. I gave each of the kids a grid that I created here. This site is really cool, you can create just about any size and kind of grid you choose as a PDF and download it for free!

The kids got to work filling in each square with a crayon design or pattern.

When our crayon work was done we used some watercolors to wash over some of our designs and to add more color.

 I love what I see!

Our final pieces were inspired by this Elmer book cover.

At the end of the story all of the elephants decorate themselves for a special parade to honor Elmer!
We decorated our own elephant for the parade with markers and crayons and then glued our elephant to his patchwork home!

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