Monday, June 25, 2012

Recycled art - Landscapes


In preschool art we did several recycled projects in honor of Earth Day. On this day we used old newspapers and magazines to create a landscape.

We used the newspaper to create grass and a sun. We glued that on and outlined each in sharpie markers. Next we added some crayon details.

We used some washable paints to fill in the sky. These paints are similar to finger paints in consistency and make for a nice wash look in this project.

While our backgrounds were drying we created flowers out of circles cut from old magazines. The kids cut the edges of the circles into petal shapes and layered different sizes of petal circles to create the flowers. We secured the layers together with a brad. Some kids chose to squish the petals to make it look a little mor 3-d. We added the flowers to the background with a bit of hot glue.p

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