Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rain Sticks

Rain Sticks

Summer art camp has been a blast! With my younger class we started by making aboriginal inspired rain sticks. On the first day we took paper towel tubes and put about a cup of rice and beans inside. After sealing the ends we used paper mache to make our sticks strong. I missed taking any photos on this day and I am blaming it on slimy fingers!

For a tutorial and recipe on paper mache check out our lesson from earlier this year HERE

Once our rain sticks were dry (a couple of hours of air dry plus two hours in the oven at 200 degrees did the trick) they were rock hard and ready for paint.

When our base coat was dry we added some dots and lines from our aboriginal inspiration.

Finally, to embellish them even further we added strings of beads and some painted burlap to the ends.

Perhaps with all of these rain sticks in use we will enjoy some rain after weeks of dry weather!

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