Monday, November 7, 2011

Paul Klee

Paul Klee
Today we studied the work of Paul Klee. We discussed his life, his place in history, and his artwork. We talked about abstraction and non representational art vs. representational. We studied how he used color and line in his work.
Paul Klee

You will need:
- information about Paul Klee and examples of his work to share and discuss
- sketch paper for ideas
- card stock or watercolor paper for the final painting
- pencils
- crayons
- watercolors

The Process:

The assignment was to create a simple drawing and then put a grid of some type over the top of the image. We kept our grids loose and did not measure out an exact grid. We talked about how the size and shapes created by the grid would effect the composition and how the lines created would help lead our eyes to specific parts of the image. Some students did an image with a grid, others just created an interesting grid layout, and still others did an image or a grid with a "broken glass" design over it (I will show you examples below).
Once our sketch was done we outlined everything in crayon to form a resist with our watercolor paints that were to come. We talked about our color plan and that the choice of crayon color factored into that plan as well. Some students used all white crayon and others used a few or several colors of crayon for their resist. 
Finally, we used watercolors to paint in all the compartments we had created with our image and our grid. The results were very interesting. This was a great lesson. We learned a lot and had a ton of fun. 
Klee once so wisely said...
 "Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view."
Here is an example of an image of an eye with a "broken glass" design overlay. There is a point with radiating lines to break up the image.

Here is an example of a grid over an image.  Some of the crayon resist is white, some is purple

young student work, you can see this one is more of a random resist... but beautiful!

student work

student work

Student work- landscape

student work - logo

student work in progress

student work- face with broken glass

Student work- robot kitty
Paul Klee -Chat et Oiseau (1928)

student work - hand outline with random grid overlay, warm colors in hands and cool colors outside

student work

student work- grid over a grid

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