Thursday, November 17, 2011

Collage Watercolor Resist

This week with my own 5 children we went to work on some canvases that needed repurposed and created these beautiful hand paintings.

To get started we painted over the old canvases with white paint to prep them for our work. 

Then I had the kids tear up these old maps and glue them onto the canvases to create a collage background. The maps were part of a great find at out local library. There is a section of free books that are old, etc. as you leave the building. I found these great, completely outdated atlas books just waiting to come to my studio! They are made of thick paper and really do well with collage!

 We used permanent markers to trace each hand on top of our collage work. 

Finally we used some crayons on the surface to form a resist and then painted over the entire thing with watercolors. The kids were a little annoyed that I limited them to 3 colors, but I really think it helps to unify their work when it is all hung together. Beautiful art and a fun way to capture a moment in time with the current size of their hands!

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