Thursday, March 14, 2013

Storybook Art - "Plenty of Pockets"

"Plenty of Pockets"

In this preschool class we read the book "Plenty of Pockets". It is a really funny story about a family that has so many things that they lose track of their son! They have a giant yard sale to get rid of their extra stuff and then add dozens of pockets to their clothes to store their most important things inside!
The illustration in this book is really unique. It is a mix of drawing and collage. As you look around the house and in the pockets you will see drawn books and tools as well as items cut and pasted in from magazines, etc. 

For our art project we made a drawing of ourselves in crayon, then added felt pockets on our clothes. Finally, we used magazine clippings to add treasures to our pockets. 

The results are very humorous!

I love how some of the treasures turned out to be hair accessories in this one!

Pocket sun glasses! This could be a whole new story line.

look at those LONG legs!

Everything you could need from a couch and washer and dryer to some juice!

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