Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Party!

Art Party

mixed media on canvas by the birthday girl

Welcome to my very first Art Party!
This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a birthday party for a sweet 8 year old girl and 12 of her friends! I led them in an art class with two projects and then Mom and Dad provided lunch and, of course, cake!

For our first project we did a mixed media canvas. We started by painting a background in acrylics.

When the paint was dry we did some collage work.

Some of the kids used ink on top of the collage as well!

The Results!

In between drying times we worked on some faux Batik. You can see the full directions on how to do this here. I think the results were amazing! Check them out...

This was so much fun! I would love to host your art party. Contact me at for more information on prices and booking.


  1. Aubrey, Your art studio is just beautiful:) It looks like a fun party!

  2. I'm really sad! Elise would LOVE this. One of these days I might have to bring her to Lafayette for her own party. :) You're doing great things, Aubrey!