Thursday, September 1, 2011

Printmaking Day

Printmaking Day

Today was our first day of art class for the fall! I had two great groups of 3-5 year old friends over to do printmaking. We rotated through several stations and had a really good time making beautiful prints and making a pretty fantastic mess! When we had spills... we printed that too!
We finished up the class by looking at the work of Eric Carle. We talked about his art work and how he creates his images from printed and painted papers that he creates himself. 
As Eric Carle would say, we turned on our thinking machines for next week so we can think of an animal we would like to make from our amazing papers.

We used corrugated cardboard, sponges, & plastic wrap
dipped in paints to make our stamped prints.

There is nothing like the freedom of sticking your whole hand in paint! 
Best use some paper to clean off those hands :o)

We used a variety of cups and lids dipped in black paint to create these papers. 
We will be using these for another project down the road.

We painted on some plexiglass and then laid papers over the painting to create
one of a kind mono prints.

This is really fun. We added dish soap to watered down tempera paints. 
Next we blew bubbles in it with a straw until it bubbled over the top of the cup.
Finally, we carefully placed a piece of paper over the bubbles -popping them and capturing them in a print! Just remember don't blow bubbles in your milk at home and.... 
when using paint... remember not to suck in with the straw! :o)

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  1. So fun Aubrey! Beautiful photographs too. Wish I could be there to see it in person! I can't wait to see more!